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Retainer holder

This is my original pattern
In high school I worked for three years in a fast food restaurant - one that you had to 'bus" your own table after you ate.  I can't tell you how many times teenagers were coming back in and asking to go through the garbage because they'd taken out their retainer to eat, forgotten it on their tray and thrown it away.  Now I confess, I didn't originally make this for a retainer!  I'm a new partial plate wearer and I hate the blasted things.  I hate them all the time but I especially hate eating in them, so I usually would go to the restroom, take them out and wrap them in a kleenex in my purse.  Well for two days once I couldn't find them, thought I'd lost those expensive partials and was in a panic.  When I found them I vowed "never again!"  So I crocheted this to carry in my purse - now I'll always know where they are when they aren't in my mouth!
Scrap of material, about 18 x 6 inches - I used a scrap of yellow and white gingham left from my lamp shade on "items I've made" page
Scrap of worsted waste kitchen cotton - you don't really want this to stretch. 
Small button - I used a baby button shaped like a rabbit
Size F hook
Start with your fabric.  Fold it in half so it measures 9 x 6.  Stitch the sides together to form a pocket - crochet them using the "ice pick hole" method I've talked about so much on this site, or if you can sew, just sew them together.  Using the "ice pick' method, poke holes along the top of the pocket, single crochet into each hole to cover the edge.  Fasten off.
Now, turn the pocket UPSIDE DOWN so the part you just crocheted is at the bottom.  Working your stitches into these single crochet stitches, SC around the piece, join at the end of round, chain 1 and turn.  Do this until your pocket is covered.  Once pocket is covered, crochet last row together with single crochet to close the bottom of your pocket.  Fasten off.
You can make a loop at the top of the pocket by joining yarn with a slip stitch to the middle stitch of the back side of the pocket, chain as many as you like to make the loop the length you want - I chained 10 as I wanted a short loop - join with slip stitch to the same single crochet as you started the loop in, and fasten off.  Attach your button in the center of the front side of the pocket high enough so the loop will reach, but not so high that it is a loose fit - you want a tight closure.
I've never seen anything like this, I hope this helps some people out!  This works up in a jiffy, and I think it would make a great stocking stuffer gift, or a "congratulations" gift for the kid that just got rid of their braces, but still has a retainer to wear for a while.  :)