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cell phone pouches

I made this "house" cell phone pouch for my real estate agent, as well as a business card holder, to thank her for all her hard work in selling my mom's house so fast.  It was only on the market 20 days, and we got full asking price for it!  My mother would be tickled pink to know that!  I wear a cell phone holder that goes around my neck that a friend bought me at a craft sale, and Jan (the real estate agent) said she needed one because she sometimes missed calls.  I came up with this one that looks like a house, I thought it would be appropriate for her!  Now my creative juices are flowing though and I've got more ideas, so look for more pouch patterns maybe for the holidays in the future!


This is my own, original pattern.
Small amount of worsted weight kitchen cotton, 3 colors of your choice (I used white, pink and yellow)  You'll need 4 small balls of yellow, or whatever color you use for the windows.
Small amount embroidery thread if desired (I used black)
Size J hook.
Pouch is made holding two strands of yarn together throughout.
Chain 10
Row 1:  With white, SC in second chain from hook and each chain across. Chain 1, turn.  9 sc.
Row 2:  SC in first three SC.  Change to pink, carrying white through work, SC with pink in next three SC.  Dropping pink changing                            back to white SC in last three SC. Chain 1, turn.  9 sc.
Rows 3 and 4:  Repeat row 2.
Row 5:  SC in first stitch with white, change to yellow.  Carrying white through work, SC in next two stitches with yellow.  Drop yellow, change to pink.  SC in the next three stitches.  Drop pink, pick up yellow, SC in next two stitches.  Drop yellow, change to white, SC in last stitch.  Chain 1, turn. 9 sc.
Row 6:  Repeat row 5.  Fasten off yellow and pink.
Row 7:  With white, SC in each stitch across. Chain 1, turn.  9 sc.
Row 8-9:  Repeat row 7. Fasten off white.
Rows 10-15:  (roof of house)  With pink, SC in each stitch across.  Chain 1, turn.  9 sc.
Row 16:  SC first two stitches together, SC in each stitch across to last two SC, SC last two stitches together.  Chain 1, turn.  7 sc.
Rows 17-18:  SC in each stitch across.  Chain 1, turn.  7 sc.  Fasten off.
Repeat pattern as for front, except use only one color of yarn for entire back.  At the end of row 18, DO NOT FASTEN OFF.  Chain 1 and turn. 
Holding front and back pieces with wrong sides together, SC together using one SC in each stitch around, and three SC in each corner.  When you get to the top after crocheting the three sides together, chain 96, slip stitch into corresponding stitch on opposite side of top of work. This is for the strap.  Turn.  Slip stitch in each stitch back across the strap.(this just gives it a more finished look than leaving just the chain itself).  Slip stitch in last chain, fasten off.  Voila!!
Because the colors I used on my pouch were all pale colors, I thought the door and the windows needed some definition. This may not be true with darker or more contrasting colors.  I took a piece of black floss and, just using a regular straight stitch and a small crochet hook, outlined the windows and the door with black floss, knotting the floss on the inside of the pouch to keep them in place.

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