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The verse that gets me through the rough times:  ".... for all things work together for good to them that love the Lord."  Romans 8:28

I've made a decision to practice what I preach, as far as charities go.  Any money that I make from this site, 5% will go to the MS Society for multiple sclerosis research and programs that help MS patients and their families.
UPDATE:  7/10/08:  Added prayer requests for two of my uncles, my nephew, my husband, a friend's husband,  my best friend, and my son's friend who just joined the Navy.
M uncle, is battling lung cancer again and needs prayers that he'll beat this diesease again.
Another uncle has emphysema, tests show he may have had a heart attack, plus he has a lung nodule they're watching on x-rays and scans to see if it grows, whether it could be cancer or not.  Pray that it's not cancer.
My nephew just had an apartment fire, he didn't get hurt but he lost almost everything.  He needs prayer to get him through this tough time.
Also my husband is having a lot of problems with arthritis and a bulging disc in his lower back.  This is his busy time of year work wise, and I worry that he's overdoing it.  He needs prayer to take away his pain, and that he'll take care of himself.
A friend's husband has a lung nodule the doctors are watching closely .  He doesn't always return for his scans like he should, so pray that he doesn't have cancer, and that he'll go back to the doctor the way he should.
The same friend has just had a bout of medically induced hepatitis that was really serious.  Pray the doctors will have the wisdom to know which medicines caused this and not put her on them again, and that she'll have a 100% recovery.
My son's friend Jeff, who lived with us for a short time, has joined the Navy.   His dad died just about a week before he left for boot camp, and I worry about him being alone at this time.  Pray that he's happy with the decision he made, he has comfort for his grief, and that he's kept safe.

                                        CHEROKEE  PRAYER                                                             
Oh Great Spirit, Grant that I may never find fault with my neighbor until I have walked the trail of life in his moccasins.
A lady in my church, Libby, is battling lung cancer and just had a set back with some possible liver metastasis.  Also her dad, who lives in Nashville, is battling lung cancer and is in bad shape.  Libby isn't able to spend a lot of time with him because of her own health, which is hard for her to accept.  She needs your prayers.
There's also a young man named Mike in my church who is under the care of hospice at home, in end stage cancer.  He pretty much sleeps around the clock now.  The doctors didn't expect him to live past the middle of September, but he's still hanging in there.  His mother, wife, and child are having a hard time dealing with the thought of losing him, so they all need your prayers. 
A good friend of mine from high school lost her dad, and if that wasn't bad enough her sister is causing a lot of problems with the estate, even though there was a will.  She's just making everything as difficult as she can.  And another friend from high school recently lost her brother, way too young.  Please remember all these in your prayers. 
My uncle is doing fairly well with his lung cancer.  He's scheduled for another biopsy later this week, however.  Please keep him in your prayers.
I'd like to request prayer for myself as well.  I have a pelvic ultrasound every year with my GYN exam because of my mother's history of ovarian cancer.  I had two large cysts, so went back after 6 weeks for a repeat ultrasound, and this time the two large cysts had become one VERY large cyst.  My CA-125, which is a blood test for ovarian cancer, was normal however.  I have to go back in January for another repeat pelvic ultrasound, so I'd appreciate your prayers.
Two people my husband works with have been recently diagnosed with cancer - one with breast cancer, one with lymphoma.  Also, the one with lymphoma is going through a divorce.
A lady wrote in requesting prayer for her daughter and her family, saying that they need strength to survive.  Please remember them in your prayers.
Also my husband two friends have started a business.  They're doing fine with it now, staying quite busy.  I don't want you to pray that we'll all be rich, just that the business won't go under!
A fellow Tennesseean that's been very loyal to this site wrote requesting prayer for her dad.  He's receiving chemotherapy treatments as well as radiation therapy, for esophageal cancer.   Please remember this gentleman and his family in your prayers.
A very sweet lady from South Carolina named Brenda wrote and asked me to add her to the prayer request list.  She's raising two granddaughters, ages 13 and 15, alone and is battling lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.  Obviously this is a strong, determined lady!  She's having some major problems from these two diseases lately though, with lots of problems getting her hands to work for her at all - even getting stuck in her bathroom for three hours because she couldn't get the door open, until her granddaughters came home from school and let her out.  Don't you know that was the longest three hours of her life?  Please remember this lady in your prayers - she says she prays everyday that she'll live to see her granddaughters grown.  If praying for her will help her - and I believe with all my heart that prayers makes a lot of difference in peoples lives, I've witnessed it firsthand myself more than once - then I know I'll  be glad to do this for her and that I can count on you all to do the same!
The lady from Stargazers world - link on my links page - is having a lot of health problems, as is her new husband, and they need our prayers.  There names are Michael Dennis Wood and Martha Lou Wood.   
Have a prayer request?  Let me know and I'll add it here.
Cherokee Blessing
May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly on your home,
And the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows,
And may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.

To help victims of South Asia earthquakes, check out these links: 

Be a Volunteer

Choose from the organizations below that are responding to the earthquake or search for other related charities.

NETWORK FOR GOOD - TONS of links for charities and places to get info - http://www.networkforgood.org/topics/animal_environ/hurricanes/?source=YAHOO&cmpgn=NEWS

starsandstripescrochetandcrafts@yahoogroups.com  We owe these fine soldiers the best hugs from home we can give them. 

Here's a link to a great charity/crochet site with addresses for multiple charities taking crochet donations, as well as crochet tips/tricks/patterns also on the site.  Check them out!  www.hooksngrannies.com
HERE'S THE LINK I SPOKE OF ABOVE FOR THE CHEMO CAP PATTERN:  www.lionbrand.com/patterns/cfancyf-chemoCap.html
I found this charity called SHAWL MINISTRIES in my "meanderings" through websites on the net.  It's a fascinating site.  It tells how the ministry got started, has poems, prayers, inspirational stories, music, patterns, links - lots and lots to look at and enjoy, plus ways to help out others as well.  Here's the link - http://www.shawlministry.com/
I also found this site that has A LOT of info on ovarian cancer, signs and symptoms, info on the disease, etc.  Many of you know this is VERY CLOSE to my heart as I lost my mother to this terrible disease in April, 2004 after a five year battle.  She put up a heck of a fight as she was in an advanced stage when she was diagnosed.  There's also info on making donations, but even if you have no intentions of donating, PLEASE take the time to check it out and learn a little about this terrible disease - it could save your life, or the life of someone you love.  Here's the link - http://www.ocrf.org/aae06.shtml
Here's a link for this site, which donates chemo caps for cancer patients.  There are free patterns, and an address where the caps can be sent.  Please check them out and see if you can help.  You all know by now that cancer is very close to my heart  because of my mother.  This info came from Beverly Qualheim of  http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/.  Thanks Bev!   http://www.kaps4karing.com/
Here's a link to another site that donates chemo caps, has patterns, address to send caps to, etc.  http://www.headhuggers.org/
Here's another charity site link.  There's a free pattern link in the upper right hand corner.  http://www.geocities.com/basketsforcharity2004/index.html
Have a charity that's close to your heart that accepts donated crochet items?  Pass their info along and I'll add it to this page.  Cancer is close to my heart because of my mother, so if you're looking for a place to make donations to, consider cancer centers/oncologist offices.  Many of the chemo drugs that they give are refrigerator, causing the patients to chill during treatment, so these places can use blankets, afghans or laprobes.  Of course anyone on chemo has a chance of losing their hair, so consider kerchiefs/turbans/chemo caps to donate as well.  You can also check with the local American Cancer Society office in your area.  :)
Indian Blessing
Let us walk softly on the earth
With all living beings great and small
remembering as we go that one God
kind and wise created all.

In honor of
Jeffery and Josh Mixon and Jeff Snell

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