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Oriental tree topper

This is my own original pattern

As many of you know, my son Jordan is very much into anything Oriental.  He has his own apartment this year and while he doesn't have much room for decorations he does have room for a small 3 foot tree.  Since he's not too interested in traditional types of Christmas things, I tried to make him an Oriental tree.  Here's the topper I came up with.
1 cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll
1 1 1/2 inch wooden ball purchased at a craft store or Walmart
Permanent marker
Gold or white ribbon for bow wings
Wine bottle kimono topper or Christmas print paper from scrapbooking aisle
Small amount of black yarn for hair
Two toothpicks
Using a jewelry glue, glue ball to one end of toilet paper roll.  It will go slightly down inside of roll, just make sure you cover bottom of ball liberally with glue so it stays well.  Let dry for a couple of hours to overnight.  With permanent marker draw two slanted eyes and an "O" mouth - or whatever facial expression you desire.  I was lucky enough to find a Christmas print kimono at the Dollar Tree that was made to go over a wine bottle.  I glued this to the doll covering the area where the toilet paper roll and wooden ball head come together.  I then glued the arms of the kimono down to the sides using Fabric tac glue.  I used some gold Christmas ribbon I had and tied a traditional bow and glued to the back for "wings".  Then going back to the jewelers glue, I just used small amounts of glue at a time, eventually covering the whole "scalp" area and wound black yarn around and around until it covered what I thought should be the whole scalp area.  If you end up with a little wood showing through after it dries - I did - use a black permanent marker to color it in.  I then put a small amount of glue on the center back of the scalp area and wound it around to make a bun.  After this dried well I inserted two toothpicks to look like chopsticks!  He loves it!

In honor of
Jeffery and Josh Mixon and Jeff Snell

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