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Gumdrop tree
This is my own original pattern

Styrofoam cone - size of your choice
Garland of your choice - I used a white garland called "Let It Snow" from the Dollar Tree
Strand of 50 clear "rice" lites that are battery operated
Gumdrop pick from floral department, or decorations of your choice
Pink wire ribbon for bow - or color of your choice
Low temperature glue gun or craft glue  (high temperature glue may melt styrofoam)
Using glue gun, glue strand of lights to styrofoam,  going around and around. MAKE SURE THE BATTER PACK IS AT THE BOTTOM END OF THE TREE.  Let dry for a few minutes.  Using glue gun again, wrap garland TIGHTLY around tree making sure to completely cover the chord on the lights.  The string on my lights was green, which was all I could get in the battery operated kind, and I didn't want the green showing through the white garland so I wrapped it pretty thick.  I used two packages of garland, but they were pretty short, maybe 6-8 feet.  I also wrapped the garland tight enough that I really only used glue at each end of the garland, and at the top of the tree to glue the garland into a point.  When you get to the top of the tree, cut off any extra garland and glue the end piece down to form a point at the top of the tree.  Let dry.  Tie a bow with ribbon and glue the bow to the top of the tree.  Decorate as desired.  I bought a pick in the floral department of pink, yellow and blue gumdrops, cut each gumdrop off individually with a wire cutter and stuck them through the garland and into the styrofoam where I wanted them, so no glue was needed.  I sat the tree on the middle of the island in my kitchen, where I have a table runner.  I stuck the battery pack under table runner on the back side of the tree so it's hidden from view.

In honor of
Jeffery and Josh Mixon and Jeff Snell

Precious Moments graphics by: Suzy's Home of Graphics