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I thought these would be nice and warm. I think they'd especially be good for cancer patients - the fleece would be warm and very soft on tender, bald heads. Just make sure you make them large enough to completely cover the head if you're making these for a cancer patient that's lost their hair, or for cancer donations. :)

1/3 yard of fleece - you'll get several kerchiefs from this!

Small amount of coordinating yarn - choose a soft yarn like Caron Simply Soft

Size G or H hook

ice pick or other tool to make holes in the fabric

STEP 1: Cut your fleece equal sized squres - about 14-15 inches. Then cut all your squares in half diagonally to create a triange.

STEP 2: Make holes in the fabric every 1/4 inch or so.

STEP 3: Starting at one corner of the long side - not at the "peak" of the triangle in the back - using coordinating yarn and G or H hook (G's a little easier to work into the holes, but H works also) work 2 single crochets into each hole around. When you get to the OPPOSITE corner of the long side from where you started, chain 35 from the corner, work a slip stitch into each chain going back to the scarf, then continue across what will be the front of the scarf working 2 single crochets in each hole. When you get to the corner where you began, again chain 35, work a slip stitch into each chain back to the scarf, and join.

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