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Bride Bear


This little bear was SO quick and easy to make I thought I'd share it with you.  After all, what little girl doesn't love bride dolls and teddy bears?    It's my own idea, I didn't get it out of any book or magazine.  
1 teddy bear, any size, shape or color you want.  My bear is 20" and is pink, as you can see, and I got her at the Dollar Tree so she was only $1.00!
Small garland of flowers - I got mine at Walmart in the craft department for 77 cents!
Small bouquet of flowers - I got mine at Walmart in the craft department, same area as the garland.
Small amount of white tulle - I got mine, again, at Walmart and I think I bought 1/4 yard - it was less than $1.00 and I had some left.
Craft glue - I used Jewel Tack because I thought it would be good and strong.
Small amounts of yarn in both white and a shade to match (as close as possible) your teddy bear.
Ribbon or anything else you want to jazz up your bear - mine already had a pink ribbon around her neck so I didn't use anything else.
The small garland has a section on one end without flowers, it's just the floral wire.  Take that end and wrap it around through the flowers to form a circle.  Wrap it tight so it won't show much and it'll hold your circle in place.  On what will be the bottom of your brides veil, run a bead of the glue all the way around.  If using the Jewel Tack, wait 10 minutes before pressing the garland onto the bears head where you want the veil to be.  I'd hold it for a couple of minutes just to be sure. 
Cut your tulle the size you want for your veil,with extra width for gathering,  then run a piece of white yarn across the top of the veil in an over and under fashion until it goes from one end to the other, gathering the tulle as you go so it's nice and full.  Tie one end of the yarn to one side of the garland, hiding it under the flowers, then tie the other end to the other side of the garland, again hiding it under the flowers, and clip off excess yarn.  Now your veil is attached to your head piece and the yarn should be pretty well hidden.
Take a piece of yarn closely matching the color of your bear and using a small steel crochet hook, pull it from the front of one paw to the back, leaving a "tail" for tying later.  Wrap it TIGHTLY once or twice around the flower bouquet, then run it from back to front on the other paw.  Theb tie the two tail pieces together and knot several times, pulling it behind the bouquet so it's not really seen.  Clip off ends.
That's about it.  You can tie a bow around the bouquet if you want, or around the bears neck, add bead jewelry, earrings, do anything you can imagine! 

In honor of
Jeffery and Josh Mixon and Jeff Snell

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