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Watch face -  can be bought in most craft stores.
Two jump rings - one for each end of the watch face.  This is what you will crochet into for your band.
Small amount of Senso brand yarn.
Small seed beads or other beads in coordinating color with your yarn -  just make sure the yarn will go through the opening in the beads.
Size 8/1.50 mm steel hook
Start by stringing a number of beads onto your yarn.  I usually strung 50, this should allow you plenty regardless of the length of your watch band, and should even allow for breaking a few of the beads along the way!   You'll be working beads in on every other row of the watch band, 2 on one of the beaded  rows, then 1 on the next beaded row. 
Slip one jump ring onto each end of the watch face. 
ROW 1:  With BACK side of watch face  toward you, join yarn with a slip stitch onto one of the jump rings.  Chain 1.  Work 5 single crochets into jump ring. Chain 1, turn.
ROW 2:  Now with NUMBERED SIDE of watch face towards you, work one single crochet into each stitch a cross.  Chain 1, turn.
ROW 3:  Now we start adding the beads.  Work 1 single crochet, pull up a bead for second single crochet, work next single crochet, pull up another bead for fourth single crochet, then work fifth single crochet.  You now have 5 single crochets, two with beads on this row.  Chain one, turn.
ROW 4:  Work one single crochet into each stitch across. Chain 1, turn.
ROW 5:  Now on this row we only use one bead.  Work one single crochet into first two stitches, pull up a bead for third single crochet, then work last two single crochets for a total of 5 single crochets, one with a bead.  Chain 1, turn.
ROW 6:  Work one single crochet in each stitch across.  Chain 1, turn.
Repeat rows 3-6 until watch band is the desired length.  Then do two rows of single crochet WITHOUT any beads.  On the last row of single crochet, work those single crochets into the jump ring on the opposite side of the watch face from where you started.  Now you have your watch band!
Now with BA CK SIDE of watch face towards you again,

In honor of
Jeffery and Josh Mixon and Jeff Snell

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