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Home made pom poms for kids

My bible school class with their pom poms

Our vacation bible school theme was "Game Day Central" and was all sports related.  I taught the 3-5 year olds, and the last night was Parent Night where the classes were supposed to perform something for their parents.  We only had 3 nights to learn something, and with this age group it had to be something simple!  I made these pom poms, and my class used them to do a cheer for their parents that was in my teachers book.  The cheer went like this:  "Run, run, run the race!  Keep, keep, keep the pace!  Run the race, keep the pace, keep your eyes on Jesus!"  And of course they shouted out "yea!!!"  at the end and shook their  pom poms for all they were worth!  They were a big hit with the parents, AND with the church.
Two sheets of 8.5 x 11 construction paper
3 sheets of tissue wrapping paper
tape and a stapler
Lay one sheet of construction paper down on flat surface (I used the floor so I could REALLY spread out!).   Lay one sheet of tissue paper on top of construction paper, about halfway down from top of construction paper.  Fold in sides of tissue paper if necessary, so that tissue paper is the same width as construction paper.  Staple or tape down entire edge of tissue paper.  Repeat with two more sheets of tissue paper.  Place second piece of construction paper on top of tissue paper, even with bottom piece of construction paper and staple all the way across.  You're basically making a tissue paper sandwich with the construction paper, with tissue paper coming out of the top of the "sandwich".   Cut tissue paper into strips all the way down to the level of the construction paper - the thinner the strips the better (I actually made mine too wide, but the kids didn't care!).  Then roll the construction paper tightly from one side to the other to make the handle for the pom pom.  Wrap clear tape around handle to keep it tightly rolled up and in place.

In honor of
Jeffery and Josh Mixon and Jeff Snell

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